• Borage Royal Guardians

Borage Royal Guardians

Borage is an excellent addition to any cannabis grow, adding vitamins and nutrients into the soil while helping ward off various pests. Not to mention, it is a good looker - adding a bit of colour to your cannabis garden. An all-around worthy fellow plant!
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Borage (Borago officinalis) is another all-round performing companion plant that adds a splash of beauty.


It shows continuous sprays of tiny lavender coloured flowers all throughout the growing season. The young leaves and pretty flowers are edible in salads. The spicy flowers are great added to stir fries for that secret zing. Please be careful, pregnant women should not eat Borage.

Borage is quite hardy and will thrive in most conditions. Borage improves the health of cannabis plants as it enhances the soil with vitamins and minerals. If you want to use it with other plants, strawberries especially love borage and will be doubly flavoursome and juicy. The tiny flowers attract bees and predatory wasps which repel or hunt unwanted creatures like cabbage worm and whitefly larvae.

The mineral content of borage is such that it is an ideal green manure or dry mulch. When leaves become old and faded, strip them and sprinkle around the base of your other plants. Rich in Potassium, Calcium and vitamin C, borage improves compost quality with its extra vitamins and minerals. Your cannabis plants will appreciate the natural slow release Potassium and Calcium that both encourage healthy cell growth.

Latin name Borago officinalis
Type Annual, herbaceous.
Height 60 - 100 cm
Harvest Maturity in 55-75 days / June-September (or all year).
Effect Smell cover, distraction and stealth.
Climate Full sun/partial shade, warm season.
pH Prefers 6,0 to 7,0. Can grow between 4,5 and 8,5.
Soil Any type, Rich, moist and light soil is the best. Well-drained.
Germination 5 - 15 days / 21°C. Sow directly.
Spacing 35 - 40 cm apart
Seeds per gram 65 to 70
Note Attracts predatory insects and honeybees while repelling many insect pests. Borage does not transplant well. Sow directly .

    De H. G. În 21/Nov/2021 :

    Titlu : Hynek
    Cometariu : Rychlost. Z jara až zasádím uvidíme.

    De J. K. În 19/Sep/2021 :

    Titlu : Midnight toker
    Cometariu : This plant is a pleasant refreshment of the garden. I have the impression that other plants also like it. I was surprised that it is quite a powerful, nice surprise.

    De S. A. În 05/Jul/2021 :

    Titlu : qualidade ótima
    Cometariu : Fácil germinação e muito bonita

    De V. K. În 28/May/2021 :

    Titlu : Great cover!!!
    Cometariu : I recommend using this plant as a cover when growing outside. The plant it self is poisonous, so don´t consume it. Very bushy type. If you plant this out to your garden, it will remain there forever. I recommend pots, and take care that the borage officialis will not cover your entire backyard, by taking out the seeds after flovering. Good plant. Be careful.

    De C. C. În 21/Apr/2021 :

    Titlu : Super Borragine
    Cometariu : Semi da combattimento. Ci sono stati cambi climatici repentini e loro sono sbocciati e cresciuti lo stesso. finora i semi migliori.

    De D. S. În 26/Feb/2021 :

    Titlu : Izumy
    Cometariu : Fast growth

    De M. A. În 03/Nov/2020 :

    Titlu : BehindTHeCorner
    Cometariu : Wow ces graines ont vraiment germées en 24 heures. Et quasi toutes ont pris!

    De B. S. În 01/Jun/2020 :

    Titlu : Awesome
    Cometariu : Looking very healthy plants and growing fast.

    De J. C. În 29/Jan/2020 :

    Titlu : Plantas
    Cometariu : Crescem Rápido

    De A. R. În 31/Dec/2018 :

    Titlu : Mignone et pas chère
    Cometariu : Un peu de bleu dans un monde de brutes.

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