• Chervil Royal Guardians

Chervil Royal Guardians

Used as a delicately flavoured herb in cooking or as part of a companion planting strategy for your marijuana, chervil acts as part of your frontline defence against unwanted pests.
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Companion plant chervil: A staple in French cuisine and antagonist to bad bugs


A delicate shade loving plant, chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) resembles a finer leafed Italian or flat leaf parsley, but tastes of anise or liquorice. Popular among the Romans of old, it was used, along with the slender taproots, as a flavouring in soups or chewed to suppress appetite on long marches. The umbels of tiny white and mauve flowers add a satisfying smattering of colour to the understorey of your garden in summer. Only growing to sixty centimetres continually pluck and top the plant to delay flowering and encourage a healthy bushy aspect.

Grown in a guild with dill and coriander, a fortress wall of beneficial plants will surround your marijuana and keep it safe. Aphids and whitefly are repelled while attracting honeybees and parasitoid mini wasps that feed on the larvae of hostile insect species. Chervil dislikes being potted on and should be sown directly into the garden. Sprinkle the fine seeds in a shallow furrow and water in well. Within the fortnight the sprouts will need thinning and by week six it will be ready for use. Leaving a few flower heads to mature and self-seed guarantees a new crop year after year.

Latin name Anthriscus cerefolium
Type Annual, herbaceous.
Height 40 - 70 cm
Harvest Maturity in 42 - 56 days / May - October
Effect Stealth, insect repellent.
Climate Cool season, Sun or part-shade, keep consistently moist. Doesn't like hot and dry.
pH Prefers 5,5 to 7,0. Can grow between 5,0 and 8,2. .
Soil Rich, loamy soils with lots of compost added.
Germination 7 - 14 days / 13°C - need light to germinate.
Spacing 25 - 30 cm
Seeds per gram 400 - 500
Note Repels aphids and other insects, planted near radishes imparts a spicier flavor.

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