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Yarrow Royal Guardians

It is said that Yarrow increases essential oil production in neighbouring plants. That alone is good enough reason to use Yarrow as a companion plant.
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The beautiful sprays of Yarrows pale flowers attracts many beneficial insects.


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is named after the ancient hero Achilles who was said to use it on himself and his men for external wounds. Also known as staunch grass and noble weed, Yarrow is a colourful and beneficial addition to any garden. Yarrow clumps spread and produce magnificent clusters of pale flowers. Being very bitter, the plant has little culinary value, although a tea can be made from the desiccated flowers and young shoots add bitter greens to a salad, similar to nasturtiums.

Gardening folklore says yarrow increases essential oil production in neighbouring plants and that is where it's at when it comes to marijuana. Yarrow will welcome with open arms many beneficial predatory insects such as ladybugs, aphid lions and hoverflies. Several species of desirable parasitic wasps are also attracted to yarrow while it repels a host of bugs who want to do your garden harm. Yarrow is commonly planted around the edges of gardens so the long roots don't compete with your marijuana plants.

Latin name Achillea millefolium
Type Perennial, herbaceous.
Height 15 - 25 cm
Harvest Maturity in 10 - 11 weeks
Effect Smell cover and stealth.
Climate Full sun, hot, dry conditions; they will not tolerate wet soil.
pH Between 4,7 and 8,0
Soil Average to poor soil.  Well-drained.
Germination From 14 to 21 days (max 28) / 21°C
Spacing 45 - 60 cm
Seeds per gram 2.500 - 4.700
Note Once you have planted your yarrow, it needs little care. It doesn’t need to be fertilized and only needs to be watered during times of severe drought.

    De G. K. În 25/Jun/2021 :

    Titlu : Herr
    Cometariu : Sprießt und gedeiht

    De A. R. În 15/Jan/2019 :

    Titlu : bon envoi
    Cometariu : Je sais pas dans quelle mesure les huiles essentielles augmentent mais cela donne une jolie touche à ma culture et tamise les parfums.

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