• Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt Turtle

Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt Turtle

RQS T-shirt Turtle - It will grow anywhere. Well, most likely not where it is depicted here. Besides, everybody knows turtles smoke kelp! On a serious side-note: all vertebrates have receptors THC can use to bring them joy, so even a turtle could get stoned by consuming marijuana (No kidding!). Great print of a "Tortuga Bud". Available in S, M, L and XL.
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Where is the weirdest place you've seen a marijuana plant or smoked some weed? Under the sea singing with a mermaid, perhaps? Or maybe cruising along in a yellow submarine? Imagine looking out as the guitar music swells and seeing this sea turtle's awesome garden. I imagine octopuses have a mighty fine underwater tulip garden, but for my underwater adventure I want to join the sea turtles - they know how to live the cannabis lifestyle. Just think of how they float there, coasting on the waves. While fish wiggle and jiggle to get around the turtle just flaps his giant sea flippers every once in a while. Plus, since all animals with vertebrae have THC receptors, it's not that far fetched to see the benefits marijuana might hold for animals such as the sea turtle.

It's a good dream, and one you can relive every time you wear the Turtle Royal Queen Seeds T-Shirt. Obviously you weren't the first one to visit this sea turtle, look at the helmet next to the plant. Maybe he had previous visitors. Little known fact, when Jules Verne traveled 20,000 leagues under the sea it was to get some awesome bud. Marijuana is a hearty plant that can grow just about anywhere. Okay, so maybe that's not a fact (The Jules Verne part) and maybe you won't find a marijuana paradise down with the mermaids, but you can show your love of the marijuana lifestyle with this shirt.

This shirt is perfect for your animal lover, marijuana lover, or modified sea-themed bridal party. Why not buy enough for your family and friends? Let them create their own stories about life under the sea with some snacks, turtles, and marijuana. With sizes available in S, M, L, and XL it's sure to fit anyone on your gift list, or just your favorite customers. Plus, with Royal Queen Seeds' discrete worldwide shipping, and at reasonable prices, you can be sure to get an awesome product in good time and without letting the whole neighborhood know, should you not want them too. With free seeds offered depending on the amount of money you spend, you can also start your own garden above the sea with your favorite herb as the centerpiece.

    De L. N. În 16/Sep/2013 :

    Titlu : T-Shirt
    Cometariu : i give this t-shirt 5 out of 5 it look's great an feels great to nice color an good print quality nice shirt in grenreal :-)

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