• RQS T-shirt Lion

Royal Queen Seeds T-shirt Lion

RQS T-shirt Lion - Well, if you are a guerrilla or outdoor grower, you need a secure place for your endeavors. And maybe ... a watchdog - or even a lion! This highly detailed print combines the beauty of Africa with the sweet green we adore and the naval blue of the deep sea of our origin (IF we didn't come from outer-space). Available in S, M, L and XL.
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This is a note to every RQS fan. Your day has arrived. We understand that posh clothing just simply won't do for you. We know a trip to the department store gives you a headache. The thought of dressing just like every other bloke on the street probably makes your stomach turn. Subversive fashion is more your taste. We went ahead and created an authentic T-shirt with you in mind. Get ready because this one is made to match your roaring personality.

Introducing the Royal Queen Seeds Lion T-shirt

Get ready to show off your pride in your cannabis lifestyle with a lion T-shirt. This shirt features a majestic lion relaxing on a rock as he gloats over being king of the jungle. It's the kind of shirt that helps you fantasize about having the ultimate "watch dog" looking over your crop because you know lions are the fiercest creatures on land. The shirt proudly displays the Royal Queen Seeds logo and the catchy promise "It Will Grow Anywhere." The navy blue fabric is a soothing alternative to black. The intricately-detailed print vividly represents the wild beauty of Africa. The color combination really pops and comes alive.

Display Your Lion Heart

Are you proud to show off your love of cannabis? It's time to roar it from the rooftops. It takes a certain kind of person to boldly declare their devotion to living the cannabis lifestyle. It takes a person exactly like you. Our T-shirts are cannabis merchandise of the finest quality to help you promote your seed-loving lifestyle.

Ready. Set. Roar.

Be prepared to dominate your next party or pub crawl. Nobody else will turn up in a shirt as raw and exciting as the Royal Queen Seeds Lion T-shirt. Cannabis fashion doesn't have to be cheesy or predictable. You can display your love for Marijuana in a way that is subtle, smart, and subversive. The RQS Lion T-shirt has everything to feed your hunger for humor, subversion, and the Marijuana lifestyle. Grab one today. The shirt is available to order in S, M, L, and XL.

    De K. A. În 02/Dec/2015 :

    Titlu : This shirt is so awesome that it's never availible here.
    Cometariu : Please print more, I never had the chance to buy one :(

    De C. S. În 14/Aug/2014 :

    Titlu : jammer
    Cometariu : hij is een beetje aan de kleine kant, jammer dat er maar 1 maat was

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