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    De E. D. În 19/May/2022 :

    Titlu : Très léger
    Cometariu : Top pour éviter le tabac. Le goût peut sembler étrange a la première "bouchée" mais ça fait 10 ans que j'ai pas touché au tabac et le substitut se marie bien... J'aime bien le mélanger avec le mélange d'herbe sèche à rouler vendu sur le site

    De M. D. În 16/May/2022 :

    Titlu : Great product
    Cometariu : I am very satisfied with this product. I stopped my use of tobacco, and this has been a great replacement.

    De M. H. În 18/Jan/2022 :

    Titlu : Great companion!
    Cometariu : Great substitute for tobacco, taste fantastic together with a favourite flower

    De S. Q. În 09/Jan/2022 :

    Titlu : Yea gave up tobacco
    Cometariu : After 40+ years of tobacco smoking I have now given it up with the help of Damiana. Great for rolling instead of tobacco and just as good for using for vape with flower. Doubt I will ever use tobacco again as it tastes like I licked an ashtray and surprised how easy it was to give up tried so many times before. Great product

    De M. F. În 18/Aug/2021 :

    Titlu : Love it !!
    Cometariu : Tastes good , and perfect to use instead of tobacco. It blends perfectly with Cannabis, enhancing some terpenes and a fresh flavour !! Love it to smoke it just like rolling cigarettes. (it might be a bit hard for some users to get used to it) Thanks to this product and cannabis i no longer smoke the harsh chemicals of the tobacco companies. Much love RQS !!

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