Noua secțiune de filtrare pentru canabis - găsește-ți perechea!

    De E. G. În 05/Jul/2022 :

    Titlu : È presto
    Cometariu : E ancora presto ma tutti i semi sono sbocciati le piantine stanno facendo foglie

    De D. K. În 19/Jun/2022 :

    Titlu : A blessing
    Cometariu : Gives you all the positive vibes ,ideas,using it before bedtime wont let you fall asleep,you would be overwhelmed with thousands of creative ideas you could not wait until the morning comes to make them all of the bests Makes you creative and focused. Very good for playing music Cured for long time absolutely amazing smell and taste.

    De M. E. În 16/May/2022 :

    Titlu : lovely
    Cometariu : this will be my favorite seeds from rqs. love yours seeds

    De M. L. În 02/May/2022 :

    Titlu : Great outdoor plant
    Cometariu : I put two of them in containers in a forest and forgot about them the whole summer. They grew to 150 cm and made 300-400 grs of flowers. No disease, no pests. Best of both worlds (THC/CBD) effects. I'm ordering Dance World again.

    De S. M. În 13/Apr/2022 :

    Titlu : Top!
    Cometariu : Alles Gute!

    De M. D. În 17/Feb/2022 :

    Titlu : Gute Qualität!
    Cometariu : Bin sehr zufrieden!

    De L. L. În 09/Feb/2022 :

    Titlu : easy to grow
    Cometariu : grow quite fast...i didn't meet any issues except for one them...a "reggae" spider and his family decided to live on one of my plant...n at the end the plant did not survive... :-(

    De A. W. În 01/Feb/2022 :

    Titlu : so good
    Cometariu : even though I purchased the seeds in 2018 they sprouted perfectly in 2021, every one of them! also, I loved the high, it's exactly as described

    De N. U. În 22/Dec/2021 :

    Titlu : Yiffy
    Cometariu : Eine sehr sehr angenehm abgestimmte Mischung. Insbesondere wenn es mal etwas smoother sein soll. Die Pflanze ansich ist relativ anspruchslos und bringt guten Ertrag.

    De M. N. În 26/Nov/2021 :

    Titlu : Mike
    Cometariu : Superbe plante élancée et productive, aucuns soucis ni de germination ni de carences, un rendement de 450 grammes sous 300 watts de led, des têtes épaisses, 2 phénotypes distincts sur 2 pieds, une culture bien sympa pour un produit finit qui fait mon bonheur au quotidien, tout y est, le gout,la détente...que du plaisir, merci RQS!

    De T. B. În 17/Oct/2021 :

    Titlu : Pleasant and fun - nice for daytime
    Cometariu : The CDB tingle is pleasant and I was able to enjoy my afternoon without any haze or wobbliness that comes with stronger strains. Mine took longer to germinate (cold summer - not the plant's fault) but the yield was crazy - twice the buds of my other plants from the same harvest. My favorite of the CDB so far.

    De A. K. În 05/Oct/2021 :

    Titlu : he
    Cometariu : got 1 seed - 1 germinated

    De J. A. În 06/Sep/2021 :

    Titlu : Jérôme
    Cometariu : Cette herbe est surprenante, elle est appréciée de tout mon entourage, côté relaxation sans paranoïa ni envie de dormir ✌🏼

    De S. D. În 16/Aug/2021 :

    Titlu : Dudu
    Cometariu : Difficile à faire pousser mais les effets sont super !!!

    De B. A. În 27/Jul/2021 :

    Titlu : Magnifique
    Cometariu : Livraison rapide et très discret, rien a dire la germination est rapide

    De M. B. În 24/May/2021 :

    Titlu : Not the haviest yielder BUT
    Cometariu : You defnetly wanna grow this strain for its strong euphoric rush that is intense and uplifting, that might feel like overwhelming you but actually never does. Really funny smoke experience. Tastes like spices and pine with hints of citrus.

    De X. A. În 12/May/2021 :

    Titlu : 1 attempt
    Cometariu : I failed seeding it. No real feedback

    De W. F. În 12/May/2021 :

    Titlu : Just received 12 days ago, its extremely early to rate! She caught up to the other 3
    Cometariu : I planted one of these seeds to replace a Fast Eddy that petered out. There were 3 other plants germinated, and I didn't bother to press this seed between a damp paper towel first. She came up strong within 3 days and is as tall as her mates now.. We are still in a fairly rainy season, and I leave them outdoors but sheltered during thre day and take them indoors at night so they don't drown our get a shock. I planted them all on 4/20, and it's not an amazing growth yet, but I attribute that to lack of sun. I'll be planting outdoors. She will get loving care, lots of sunshine and nourishing water. But I won't have any clear results before October.

    De B. R. În 07/May/2021 :

    Titlu : Clear headed high and easy to grow
    Cometariu : Clear headed high and easy to grow cannabis strain with a nice yield.

    De C. C. În 22/Apr/2021 :

    Titlu : Dance world
    Cometariu : Not sure about his résistence about the germination

    De M. D. În 09/Apr/2021 :

    Titlu : molto carina!
    Cometariu : cresciuta bene, l ho trovata un ottima pianta dai grandi effetti terapeutici, buon sapore! la consiglio veramente!

    De K. M. În 07/Apr/2021 :

    Titlu : Nice
    Cometariu : Grate product for medical purposes.

    De B. C. În 06/Apr/2021 :

    Titlu : BC

    De J. P. În 18/Mar/2021 :

    Titlu : Nice
    Cometariu : Great strain and fine smel with nice buds.

    De A. S. În 12/Mar/2021 :

    Titlu : parfait !
    Cometariu : elle porte bien son nom, elle me fait danser à chaque fois. j'adore !

    De T. A. În 10/Mar/2021 :

    Titlu : Nice one.
    Cometariu : Best smoke I've had, more of a clear and eurpophic high but it still packs a punch. Disappointing harvest but I had a few problems along the way that the plant did well to survive. Will grow again.

    De P. B. În 19/Feb/2021 :

    Titlu : Pascal.b
    Cometariu : Effet recherché comme ceux décrits

    De F. G. În 10/Feb/2021 :

    Titlu : Good
    Cometariu : Seeds look healthy. I' m only colleting them.

    De N. J. În 21/Jan/2021 :

    Titlu : NJ
    Cometariu : Einer meiner Lieblingssorten, habe sie schon öfter gegrowt und werde ich auf jeden Fall immer wieder wiederholen. Royal Queen Seed wie immer toll. Seid Jahren bestelle ich hier meine Sämereien.👌✌️

    De K. S. În 23/Feb/2021 :

    Titlu : Kai
    Cometariu : Alle gekeimt und zügig gewachsen. Lollipop angewendet und cool gewachsen. Entspannend und dabei arbeitsfähig....!!! Für mich das genau das richtige

    De E. F. În 30/Nov/2020 :

    Titlu : rilassante e aromatica
    Cometariu : molto rilassante, sapore aromatico e gradevole

    De L. M. În 30/Nov/2020 :

    Titlu : alfa
    Cometariu : bon effet dynamisant comme décrit, une envie de faire plein de choses. laissant ensuite place à une bonne détente. par contre attention car la taille annoncée est de 1m20 max alors que j'ai atteins un bon 2m de haut.

    De E. K. În 30/Nov/2020 :

    Titlu : Nice
    Cometariu : Very Nice effect ,gids were not really dense but thats probably because of heat problems

    De P. K. În 20/Nov/2020 :

    Titlu : super
    Cometariu : szybka dostawa,nasiona wykielkowaly czakam na dalszy rozwuj,dzeki

    De M. C. În 26/Oct/2020 :

    Titlu : Extra topy
    Cometariu : Wspaniały produkt

    De A. S. În 08/Oct/2020 :

    Titlu : Excelente
    Cometariu : El servicio postventa es buenísimo y la calidad de las genéticas también! De los mejores bancos de cannabis y encima innovando con variedades cbd.

    De C. M. În 23/Sep/2020 :

    Titlu : Genial
    Cometariu : Una gran cepa medicinal. Totalmente recomendable

    De C. C. În 21/Sep/2020 :

    Titlu : Germinación 100%
    Cometariu : Envio rapido , todo germinado !

    De J. S. În 22/Sep/2020 :

    Titlu : Muito bom
    Cometariu : Sementes de óptima qualidade e boa germinação. Recomendo. A melhor loja de sementes.

    De A. G. În 17/Sep/2020 :

    Titlu : Thank You!
    Cometariu : Thank You very much for Dance World. This plant save the life of my friend. No more thoughts about suicides. No anxiety.

    De R. D. În 08/Sep/2020 :

    Titlu : rapida ottima
    Cometariu : dopo 2 giorni e germinata ottima pianta medica e non solo.

    De S. C. În 07/Sep/2020 :

    Titlu : Let's fly!
    Cometariu : It gives a nice effect, you will feel light in your body and in your mind without it being too hard.

    De W. T. În 17/Aug/2020 :

    Titlu : Professional Company doing it right
    Cometariu : Can’t praise this company enough. Highly recommend buying and trying all their products. Excellent

    De J. V. În 17/Aug/2020 :

    Titlu : Great
    Cometariu : Went really well for me

    De D. M. În 05/Aug/2020 :

    Titlu : Top
    Cometariu : First time growing a mostly sativa hybrid strain, i'm not sure it's the best choice for a 12/12 grow, without vegetative period stems were weak, and the strains didn't seems to like the hot temp of the tent. Strain also seems weaker to nut burn than other strains that were on this grow. Smell was very nice, buds were very very frosty, to the point the plant seemed like covered with sugar, a beauty.

    De B. A. În 29/Jul/2020 :

    Titlu : Buen sabor
    Cometariu : Muy dulce, exquisita

    De R. R. În 29/Jul/2020 :

    Titlu : very good!
    Cometariu : So fast, so good i highly recommend! Got a lot of yield!!

    De V. O. În 27/Jul/2020 :

    Titlu : Muy buena cepa
    Cometariu : Utilice esta cepa con fines medicinales y una excelente producción y resina

    De S. S. În 22/Jul/2020 :

    Titlu : Very bad
    Cometariu : Hello. I bought many different products on this website and all of them were successful in germinating and growing. But with the “dance world” I have a problem, none of the seeds of this kind came out. I don’t know why.

    De T. S. În 16/Jul/2020 :

    Titlu : Buds
    Cometariu : Sehr gute Pflanzen das sativa ist mega gut

    Nu poți posta o recenzie deoarece nu ai cumpărat acest produs

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