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As more and more countries legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, two things are going to start happening. Marijuana use will become much more accepted (and even promoted) throughout the world and people will have to rise to meet the growing demand for cannabis. At Royal Queen Seeds, our goal is to serve those who want to meet this demand by supplying high quality, award winning, medicinal marijuana strains with a number of affordable options. In the past, our incredible strains were available to the public only in 1, 3, 5, and, 10 seed packages. Now, all of us here at Royal Queen Seeds are pleased to announce that all of our high quality medical cannabis strains are also available in 100 seed bulk packages!

Designed for those who want to operate larger scale medicinal grow ops, our Feminized Medical Cannabis Bulk Seeds are ideal for keeping up with the growing demand for medical marijuana. Never before have such amazing and affordable options been available. Our medicinal quality cannabis seeds are also feminized to ensure that growers waste no time in determining the sex of the plants, so no time is wasted throughout the grow period. At Royal Queen Seeds we understand the importance of medical marijuana and as such, we provide only the highest quality strains at the most affordable options.

*** Royal Queen Seeds Free Seeds Scheme is only available for regular purchases. Bulk seed purchases are explicitly excluded from this scheme and other ad hoc promotions.***
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  • Dance World Bulk Seeds
    Dance World Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
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  • Euphoria Bulk Seeds
    Euphoria Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
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  • Fast Eddy Automatic CBD Bulk Seeds
    Fast Eddy Automatic CBD Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
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  • Stress Killer Automatic CBD Bulk Seeds
    Stress Killer Automatic CBD Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
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  • Royal Highness Bulk Seeds
    Royal Highness Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
  • Royal Medic Bulk Seeds
    Royal Medic Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
  • Medical Mass Bulk Seeds
    Medical Mass Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00
  • Painkiller XL Bulk Seeds
    Painkiller XL Bulk Seeds
    € 350.00


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